Friday, 19 January 2018

What Do You Mean by Ipe Wood Decking?

When a builder, designer or enterprising do-it-yourself suggests Ipe wood decking for outdoor use, some property owners may find themselves scratching their heads. Although growing rapidly in popularity across the United States, this Brazilian hardwood isn’t known by everyone. Discerning property owners, however, are likely to find that Ipe wood decking is an exceptional investment that can pay off with an anticipated lifespan that goes well beyond other popular decking woods.

Ipe decking may be more commonly recognized by Americans as “Ironwood” or “Brazilian walnut.” This wood has the distinction of being among the hardest on the planet. It is, in fact, three times harder than a typical baseball bat, which means its durability is exceptional. This material is used in both indoor and outdoor applications and is known for these characteristics that make it such a discerning choice:

·         Its beauty – Ipe wood boards are generally medium brown in color, but do have variations that lend character to installations. Decking may, for example, have boards that are darker or lighter in color, which combine with a beautiful grain pattern to create an aesthetically pleasing finished looked.

·         Its durability – Ipe is one of the most durable woods known to man. Decking made from Ipe has an estimated lifespan of decades. Adding to its attractiveness on this front, the wood is fire resistant, insect resistant, and water resistant. Due to its natural hardness, Ipe also resists scratching. After all, this material is so hard it requires carbide-tipped tools to work.

·         Its ease of maintenance – Ipe wood decking isn’t completely maintenance free, but it is almost. Thanks to its hardness and natural resistances, there is no need to apply timber preservatives. UV blockers may be used to help maintain the appearance of docks. Unless a UV blocker used, Ipe will turn a silver-gray color after years of sun exposure. Beyond the color consideration, Ipe wood decking only requires basic sweeping and cleaning to maintain.

When Ipe wood decking is recommended for a project, quality goes along with the suggestion. This Brazilian hardwood is one of the world’s most naturally durable wood. If a deck installation is intended to stand the test of time, Ipe will deliver.

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