Wednesday, 17 January 2018

What Do You Mean By Cedar Timbers?

Cedar timbers are precut boards or beams that are used in the construction of homes, buildings, patios and other structures. Cedar timbers are generally precut in a variety of sizes, meant to suit specific building requirements. They can range, for example, from 4x4 beams to those cut to meet 12x12 specifications. Cedar is selected for use in construction for many reasons, but this particular wood tends to stand out for its beauty and its distinct pleasant and earthy odor.

Cedar makes a discerning building choice for many reasons. Some of the characteristics that make it stand out as an excellent choice in both exterior and interior applications include:

·       Its beauty – Cedar wood is known for having a true, straight grain and a uniform texture that makes it rather beautiful. These characteristics also make it easy to work with. Cedar timbers can be easily cut, sawed, and nailed using commonly available tools. Although it does not have the hardness some other building materials have, it is very resistant to the splitting that other timbers may experience when fasteners are used. This wood is typically light brown or cream in color, but its heartwood has a red or deep reddish-brown tint with tight knots that makes it quite beautiful.

·      Its durability – Although cedar is softer than some other building materials, it is known for its ability to absorb shocks and maintain its structural integrity. This particular type of wood is one of the few considered suitable for exterior use without the need for preservatives. Cedar timbers are naturally resistant to mold and fungi growth, which means decay should not be a concern.

·        Its workability – While some woods are difficult to work, cedar is not one of them. Cedar timbers are rather lightweight, but still highly durable. This wood is also easier to cut and finish when there is a need to do so.

Cedar timbers offer natural beauty, strength, and durability that make them a popular choice for indoor and outdoor applications. Although less dense than other building options, cedar timbers make an exceptional choice when a beautiful, but durable wood is desired. 

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