Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Various Undeniable Benefits of Cedar Wood Decking

Cedar decking is a very popular decking option because of its ample benefits. Building a cedar deck allows you to add usable square footage in your backyard—a brand new space that you can use as an extra gathering spot for family and friends, as well as for relaxing by yourself on a lazy weekend. Here are some benefits of using cedar wood for decking applications:
  • Remarkable dimensional stability – No matter what the temperature, humidity, or weather conditions, your cedar wood decking will not change in terms of dimension or shape. Other types of decking materials may warp due to moisture but cedar wood will stay flat and straight.
  • Aesthetically pleasingCedar wood decking makes a home look elegant and polished. You can choose to retain the natural color of cedar (which is light brown or cream) or have it stained and varnished without losing the natural grain texture.
  • High insulation and noise absorption – Since cedar is a type of wood that is light and porous, it is known to offer natural insulation and can block off noise. This means you can walk barefoot on your deck.
  • Highly resistant to damage – Are you worried about moisture, insects, or rotting? Don’t be, because cedar is resistant to all those. Your cedar wood decking will last for years without requiring maintenance or repairs.
  • Wonderful scent – If you intend to install a hot tub in your decking, then go for cedar wood. Unlike other types of decking materials, the aroma of cedar is natural and is not a risk to your health.
  • Easy to work with – Even simple tools can be used on cedar wood.
  • Eco-friendly – Cedar trees grow fairly quickly. It’s easy to find manufacturers that source their cedar wood decking materials from responsibly managed forests. Cedar wood is a sustainable material that has a low environmental impact.

Benefits of Using Hardwood Decking for Your House

Hardwoods like Brazilian oak and ipe are the most popular choices for building residential decks. You might be wondering—why is hardwood the material of choice for decking applications? Below are just some of the many benefits of using hardwood decking in your property:
  • Maintenance – One of the biggest advantages of hardwood is that it is easy to clean and maintain. Most hardwoods are resistant to dents and scratches. Scrapes can be fixed with simple sanding, waxing or varnishing. You don’t even need to use preservatives on most hardwoods as they can naturally resist decaying, rotting, and even termites and bugs.
  • Strength – The best hardwoods are extremely durable, usually lasting for a minimum of 25 years. They boast excellent strength, durability, and stability that make them perfect for outdoor use and high foot traffic. You might also be interested to find out that some hardwood decking materials have fire ratings that are comparable to concrete. 
  • Appearance – A wide range of natural hardwood lumber are available for your decking. You can choose from warm yellows to rich browns. There’s no need to varnish or stain your hardwood decking. Some hardwoods may even change colors over time due to natural aging or exposure to the sun. A good tip is to use UV finisher once your hardwood decking reaches your desired color. Many homeowners also appreciate the natural grains and streaks that make each piece of hardwood unique.
  • Cost – Contrary to popular belief, hardwood decks can be made affordably you don’t need to break the bank just to get hardwood decking for your home. You can find a wide range of hardwood decking with excellent characteristics that are offered at reasonable prices. Even if you opt for pricier hardwood decking, you are actually saving money in the long run. Your deck will be long-lasting and virtually maintenance-free so you get more value for your money.

Things to Know when Choosing Brazilian Oak Decking

Are you thinking of adding a deck to your home? Be sure to use a hardwood such as Brazilian oak—also known as Garapa—to get the best value for your investment. A Brazilian oak deck can definitely add elegance to your home and even boost the value of your property. Here are some things you need to know about this material and why it’s an excellent choice:
  • Excellent color – Brazilian oak decking usually take on a rich yellow-honey color. Its irregular fine grain and medium texture adds interest. If you don’t want your Garapa to turn to a shade of gray, apply UV finishers. Some people prefer a vintage-like look to their Brazilian oak decking so they leave it out in the sun for a few weeks before adding a finisher.
  • A very long life span – One of the main reasons why hardwoods can be pricey is because they offer excellent quality. Brazilian oak decking can last for over 25 years, depending on how you take care of it and the weather condition where you live.
  • Naturally biodegradable – Unlike composite wood, Brazilian oak will not fill up the landfills. It simply returns to the earth.
  • Cost efficient - When it comes to durability, Garapa is comparable to Ipe (another type of hardwood), but it is much more affordable.
  • Needs little maintenance – One of the best things about Brazilian oak is that you don’t need to worry about it too much, so you can enjoy your deck fully. This material is very strong and durable. What’s more, you don’t need to pile chemicals on to it just to ward off the elements. Brazilian oak decking can resist everything from water damage to rot and decay. As long as water does not permeate the wood, your Brazilian oak decking will resist fungi and termites. 
Purchase Brazilian oak wood only from reputable sellers. The best suppliers source their Brazilian oak from sustainable managed forests from South Africa.

How Cumaru Wood Decking Can Prove to be an Astonishing Home Improvement

Cumaru is becoming more popular in the US because it is an excellent type of wood to use for decking, especially if cost is a concern. It’s no secret that constructing a deck can be expensive, but this is never a problem with affordable Cumaru. This renewable wood source grows at a faster rate and is considered an eco-friendly choice. Just be sure to purchase Cumaru wood decking from suppliers that source their wood from sustainable forests. 

Cumaru is favored by those who prefer a very pronounced grain feature. The natural color of Cumaru is deep reddish brown to medium tan. You may choose to stain your Cumaru wood decking to emphasize the grains even more
Cumaru wood can last for over 2 decades, so you never have to worry about replacing your deck any time soon. What’s more, it is one of the hardest woods with a Janka rating of 3540lbf. A highly durable Cumaru wood decking can last for years without any preservatives. It can naturally ward off insects and other pests while also resisting rotting and decay caused by moisture. Do you want to install a hot tub on your decking? You can do that without worries.

Perhaps the only problem with Cumaru wood decking is that it can turn into a different color when it is not properly protected. If you leave out your Cumaru wood decking out in the sun for too long, it may fade to gray. To protect your Cumaru wood decking, simply apply UV finishing. Once this treatment is applied, no further maintenance is needed.

There’s a reason why ports and even boats choose Cumaru wood as their main material, it’s just that durable and strong. Choose Cumaru wood for your home’s outdoor decking.

The Excellent Durability of Brazilian Oak Hardwood Deck

The Brazilian oak hardwood (also known as Garapa) is highly ideal for decking purposes. It has a lighter color compared to other Brazilian wood and can be used as the main flooring as well as handrails or 4 x 4 posts of the decking. Garapa is a yellow-colored hardwood that has a fine grain, with occasional brown streaks. When Brazilian oak hardboards are exposed to the sun, it takes on a gorgeous russet gold brown color.

If you are looking to get Brazilian oak, purchase from a supplier that gets its stocks from sustainable South American forests. Garapa is biodegradable, unlike composite building materials. The Brazilian oak is comparable to other types of Brazilian hardwood but is offered at a lower price.

A UV inhibitor is needed to keep your Garapa hardwood decking from turning grey. Once the Brazilian takes on a honey-yellow color, the UV inhibitor can be applied. Tinted finishers can also be used. According to the Janka hardness test, Garapa has 2280 lbf hardness, which makes it harder than oak and maple. 

If you use Brazilian oak on your decking, you can expect it to last for years. Garapa is extremely durable and can resist termites without the need for pesticides. As long as water does not go into the wood, Garapa can also resist the fungus. Thanks to its scratch-resistant quality, Brazilian oak makes for a popular hardwood material for outdoor decking. Garapa is naturally resistant to elements such as insects and water. It doesn’t even need the wood preservative to be able to resist rotting and decaying. The only trouble owners have with decking made of Brazilian oak is the darkening of the wood over time due to sun exposure. To keep this from happening, just apply a UV blocking finisher.

Cedar Timber - Furniture for Style and Durability

Cedar is a type of wood that can be turned into decking, flooring, shingles, beams, boards, and timbers. Cedar timber is popularly used for furniture making, especially for foot lockers and chests. But this type of wood can also be used for the creation of other kinds of furniture, specifically outdoor pieces. The Janka hardness rating of cedar timber is 900. It may not be as hard as other types of wood, but Cedar timber has structural stability and offers good shock resistance. Preservative treatments are not needed by cedar timber as its heartwood has extractives that are toxic to fungi. This means you don’t have to worry about your cedar timber furniture decaying. Here are other advantages to using cedar timber furniture:
  • Lightweight – You won’t have any trouble moving cedar timber furniture in and out of your house.
  • Thermal co-efficient – Even during hot days, your furniture will stay cool.
  • Great color – The natural color of cedar timber is cream or light brown, but if you prefer furniture with a silver-gray color, painting is not required. All you need to do is to let it bathe outdoors.
  • Finishing options – Cedar can be finished off with a wide range of exterior grades, from paints and stains to varnishes and oil finishes.
  • Natural preservatives – Since cedar timber can resist rotting and decaying, it makes for great furniture by the pool and hot tub areas. It can even be used inside saunas.
Cedar timber is easy to work with so you can create a wide range of furniture. Whether you are making outdoor seating areas or a small table to place by your hot tub or maybe a lounging seat by the pool, cedar timber is the perfect wood.