Friday, 19 January 2018

Garapa Decking and its Various Advantages

Brazilian hardwoods are fast becoming a popular decking option for homeowners and contractors across the United States. Favored for the distinct advantages they offer over traditional deck materials, this classification of decking does come in several varieties. One of the most popular happens to be Garapa or Brazilian Oak. Garapa is preferred by those with a taste for light-colored woods.

Harvested from the Amazon rainforest, Garapa wood decking features a fine grain and a light-yellow color. The material is highly sought after for decking because of the many advantages it delivers. They include:

·         Its superior hardness – Brazilian woods, such as Garapa, are selected by many builders because of their sheer hardness and strength. Garapa is considered harder than both standard maple and oak, making it an excellent choice.

·         Its extreme durability – Garapa decking is noted for its ability to hold up to use and the elements for years. This decking has a serviceable lifespan of 25 years or more. This is because it is naturally water, termite, and fungus resistant. Builders prefer Garapa because it offers a sound return on investment given its practical lifespan. Its natural resistances lend themselves perfectly to durability even in harsher climates.

·         Its relative low maintenance – Garapa decking does not require the use of wood preservatives like many other decking materials do. Thanks to its natural resistances, this time-consuming maintenance step is taken out of the routine when Garapa decking is selected. Some homeowners may choose to use UV blocking finishes to preserve the wood’s lighter color. When left in its natural state, Garapa will turn a grayish color over time. Besides using a UV-blocker, the only routine maintenance required for this type of decking is basic cleaning and sweeping.

·         Its environmental friendliness – Unlike some decking materials that contain synthetic components, Garapa wood decking is all natural. That means these boards are naturally biodegradable and environment-friendly.

Homeowners who choose Garapa decking will find this Brazilian hardwood offers many advantages other woods cannot. From natural resistances to enduring beauty, this style of decking is meant to deliver lasting beauty and performance both.

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