Friday, 16 February 2018

Avoid the Top 5 Ipe Wood Deck Mistakes

Ipe hardwood is native to Central and South America. Ipe decking is said to have inherited the natural properties of the tree in order to make it the toughest as well as the longest-lasting decking material available in the hardwood industry. Although a large number of people nowadays are installing Ipe wood decks by hiring professionals or through DIY methods, it should be made sure that it is being installed properly. So here are the top five mistakes that should be avoided during installation: 

Adequate ventilation:  Be sure you have good ventilation below your deck.  If your deck does not have ventilation, you could get cupping.  Cupping is where the edges of the board “cup” upwards.

Over-application of penetrating oils:
Make sure to wipe off the excess amount of the penetrating oils as Ipe has the tendency to release most of the oil out. The residue left will stay on the surfaceand cause it to be gummy. 

Do not install the decking without applying end seal and allow sufficient time for drying:
Make sure to seal the cut ends with oil or wax on installation and give sufficient time to dry in order extend the life of the finish applied.

Do not avoid its periodic maintenance:
Just like any other material, Ipe also requires to be maintained periodically so as to last longer and give a good performance throughout its lifespan.  Cleaning is all that is needed.  If you desire to keep the natural color than application of Finisher is also needed.

Do not apply finish by sprayer:
Instead of using the sprayer, apply the finish in the old-fashioned way.  Use a long handled brush.  Be sure to wipe any puddling and your deck will look wonderful. 

Make sure you avoid these mistakes while installing your Ipe decking.

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