Friday, 18 December 2015

Garapa Decking: Perfect Timber for Wooden Decking

Brazilian walnut or Ipe is one of the highly recommended types of wood for decks due to its rich brown color and fine grain, but if you prefer a lighter color, then garapa is a good choice. Garapa is also known as 'Brazilian oak', and it is durable enough to withstand different conditions that it may be exposed to outdoors. It typically features a yellow color with fine grain, but some boards may have sleek streaks of brown to create a more appealing and one of a kind look. Sun exposure can eventually turn the color into a lovely russet-golden brown hue.

High-quality garapa is sustainably harvested from the Amazon rainforest, and you can get it from a reputable supplier of Brazilian hardwoods in the US. It origins make it naturally resistant to water damage, decay, rotting, and insects. Its hardness is rated at 2,280 lbf on the Janka scale, so it is resistant to scratching, and it naturally resists fungal growth and termite infestation, as long as water does not permeate it. Garapa does not require any preservatives, and its lifespan is least 25 years. Unlike composite materials, Brazilian oak is naturally biodegradable. It comes in a range of grain and color, too, so you can create a deck that has a unique character.

Garapa is comparable to the quality of Ipe but you can buy it at a fraction of the alternative's cost. You may use a UV inhibitor finish to retain its rich honey yellow hue, or allow it to age gracefully into a gray color. A tinted finisher can make the wood darker, in case you prefer a more cost-effective alternative to Ipe, but you prefer a richer brown color. Garapa deck boards typically have a medium brown color.

Some suppliers offer Garapa in specified lengths, so you can easily build the deck that you want. Consider buying from a supplier that sells Garapa decking under an innovative program that is designed to help you save money.

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