Sunday, 22 November 2015

Things to Know When Choosing Cedar Lumber Retailer

Cedar wood (also known by its botanical name, Juniperus virginiana) is not only used in furniture such as chests—they can also be incorporated into building homes. Because of its longevity and durability, western red cedar is popularly used for siding, decking, fencing, and roofing. It weathers well and is suitable for many kinds of outdoor building projects. Red cedar can also be very useful for indoor construction in areas where the climate is humid because it resists warping. This type of wood is decay resistant and long lasting, making it a wonderful choice for both outdoor and indoor projects.

If you need cedar for construction, be sure to look for a cedar retailer that can provide a wide variety of cedar lumber, timber, boards, shakes, beams, and shingles. Some of the best cedar lumber retailers in the US can offer almost any type or size for your unique usage requirements.

Sadly, not all cedar woods are harvested in an environmentally friendly manner. If you care about the earth, then you should find a cedar lumber retailer that can guarantee the sustainability of its products. Their cedar wood should come from sustainably managed forests, preferably in British Columbia where only a third of one percent of the total cedar trees is harvested each year.

You also want to look at the cedar lumber retailer shipping and delivery options before you order. The retailer should determine the most cost effective method of delivery based on the volume. Smaller shipments (not exceeding two tons) are typically shipped via a partner freight company. Larger shipments may be delivered via the retailer’s own flatbed trailer—they travel directly from the retailer’s warehouse to your site. This ensures more control over the delivery time and date as well as direct delivery even to gated communities.

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