Friday, 19 February 2016

Cumaru Decking For Extremely Hot And Damp Weather

It can be challenging to build a deck in a location where the weather is typically hot and damp, so you need to be careful in choosing materials. Cumaru is a Brazilian hardwood that is perfect for that type of weather condition. Not only is cumaru extremely durable and hard with a lifespan of more than two decades—it is also naturally biodegradable. The wood hails from South American rain forests, so it has the innate ability to survive in humid and damp conditions.

Cumaru trees are naturally resistant to insect infestation, decay, and rotting, even after they have been cut. The wood maintains those characteristics after being installed as decking material. Cumaru grows faster than other hardwoods native to Brazil, making it a highly renewable resource.

One of the most notable features of cumaru is the pronounced grain on every piece. The grain can stand out further with a coating of sealant and any amount of stains. Aside from decking, Cumaru is a good material for fencing and seating, too. Its natural color ranges from medium tan to deep, reddish brown. At times, specific lots may be matched according to order, but there could be variations across a larger batch of orders like with any hardwood. The variations are part of Cumaru's natural charm and will provide a unique character to your deck.

The hardness of Cumaru is rated at 3540 lbf on the Janka scale, and this is significantly higher than oak and maple. This hardness is the reason for the wood's high resistant to scratching, too. But while it is damage resistant and durable, the wood does react to the sun's UV rays. Hence, it may turn gray without proper protection and treatment as it ages. You can prevent that by applying a UV blocking finisher if you want to retain the lovely color of Cumaru for years.

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